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Delivering unmatched interdisciplinary technical expertise

BattSol Energy is loaded with enthusiastic designers having depth knowledge of the solar permit plans.


Complete personalized solar design solutions at one place

Single window for every solar engineering solutions, from solar proposal to post installation letter.


We team-up with you to save the time & speed-up the process

BattSol Energy is committed to save the installer's cost, faster turn around time of proposal and permit plan to get approval from the utilities and AHJ's to save your money and time.


Providing solar design services across the globe

Our experienced designers are very much familiar with all types of Inverters (Micro, String and Central), Solar Modules, Racking System, Battery Project (Tesla, Enphase, LG Chem etc), EV Charger Solution.

Our Services

Single window for solar engineering solutions.

Commercial Solar Proposal

We provide conceptual solar proposals that gives you a quick overview & feasibility of solar system at School, Hospitals, Communities and Industrial & Commercial.

Residential Solar Proposal

We provide pre install solar proposals that gives you a quick overview & feasibility of solar system at your home

Solar Permit Plan

Solar Permit Plan set helps installer to get permit from Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and installer to complete solar installation very conveniently…

EVC Permit Plan

EVC Permit Plan set helps installer to get permit from Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and complete installation very conveniently…

As Built Plan

We Provide As-Built drawing solution for already installed solar system and reflect any changes made to the design during solar Plant installation…

PE Stamping (Electrical/Structural)

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to review of electrical & structural plans to get approval from the AHJs and utilities…

Generation Reports (PVsyst)

We provide generation reports using PVsyst software which provide simulation report with 3-D rendering…

Quick Glance


Residential and Commercial projects designed


Engineering Solutions Delivered


Happy Clients


States serving

The Beneficiaries

Solar Developers

To help you estimate the solar feasibility & financial map for your proposed Solar Power Plant.

Engineering Service Providers

We team-up with you to help you clear-out your pipeline and become a team alike support for your business.


To give you a brief idea about land utilization, feasibility & financial map

Consulting Firms

Our optimized designs help you & your firm to communicate with customer and utilities to make them understand the financial benefits

Solar drawings for educational purposes

We provide solar drawings for conference & seminars for educational and learning prospects.

What makes us unique

We provide the best offer with highest quality of work. First we understand your needs and then we offer best deal as per your requirements.

Quick Turnaround Time

Providing the highest quality of work in quick turnaround time within or before 24 hours.

Watch the magic happen

We do weekly meetings with the clients for the quick resolution and to improve the process.

24 X 7 Availability

24 X 7 availability for any queries, dedicated resources to working in USA time zone.

Key advantages of working with us

  • Well experienced with all utilities and AHJ’s requirements which helps you to get approved your plans quicker than others service providers.
  • You get a dedicated professional design engineer who would assist you round the clock for your technical requirements.
  • Faster turnaround time within 24 hours.
  • 2-Step quality assurance before delivery.
  • Weekly meetings to gather feedback to speed-up the process of deliverables and quality assurance.

Top customer’s testimonials

MichaelDirector of Engineering

Great team to work with, provide quicker support whenever needed, always ready to stretch according to project need!

JeffreySolar Installer

It was great to see the progress and delivery of permit plans, they were all supportive and answered my each question and made me feel completely at ease with design part.


They are all professional designer's with great technical experience, enjoy working with best team I have ever worked with.

DellanoDirector of Operations

We've been working great with BattSol Energy Pvt. Ltd. over last 3 years and a half, I appreciate for the engineering help we are getting from them, always looking forward to take this business relation to full extent.

OscarLand Acquisition Manager

Solar conceptual layouts delivered was so great, the landowners loved the work your team did. Thanks for your quick turnaround and quality work, keep up the great work guys!

Let's start a solar project together.

The services from solar proposal to post installation letter.

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Solar gives you energy independency from fossil fuels

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